At Home in New York


Henry Hemmerdinger was a ragman. As his rag-processing business grew, he recognized and acted on an early cue, and in 1922 purchased a mill and farm and in central Queens, which was just beginning its transformation from rural farming to urban industrialization. With time, factories and warehouses rose up out of the 22 acres and at its peak, Atlas Terminals had grown to 1 million square feet housing 5,000 workers and more than 60 businesses.


In 1952, Henry’s son, Monroe, sold the waste business, but not the land. He developed commercial real estate in Manhattan and around the country. His son Dale added six service divisions to the company's ownership role and expanded its investments abroad.


Now, ATCO is led by a new generation of Hemmerdingers, Damon and Kate. Damon and Kate have transformed ATCO into an investment manager and enter this space proud of their place among New York’s real estate families.