"I am so proud each January when our acquisition underwriting matches the actual results of the properties we purchase. I love 'searching through the haystack' to find just the right 'needle.'"

Neil Adamson, Senior Vice President,
Finance & Acquisitions

ATCO views commercial real estate as a long-term investment that requires active and daily management to extract its full value. As cash-on-cash investors, the company does not look to large residual values to create returns for its partners. Using prudent underwriting assumptions and time-tested due diligence, ATCO is able to find assets that will produce solid cash-on-cash returns. Through proper site selection and a long-term view of the market, the assets will also benefit from increased pricing at sale. The result is an ability to locate undervalued assets in established markets that will provide investors with both current returns and long-term price appreciation.


The company seeks to buy stabilized properties which can earn an 8+% leveraged yield, and which have the potential for value creation through improved financing, under market leases, or overall market growth. ATCO also seeks value-add deals where it can create value through the renovation, lease-up or other property improvements.


The company's acquisitions strategy is currently focused on retail and office assets in two geographic locations: New York City metro area and Austin, Texas.