"I get lots of information from all around my building --- tenants, porters, the building management system, the chiller plant.  My job is to sort through that information and to use my professional judgment to prioritize issues as they unfold."

William Schweitz, Chief Engineer, 555 5th Avenue

Whether current owners, co-op boards, or equity partners, the property management team works closely with clients to maximize property values and achieve short and long term investment goals. Through a thorough analysis of the asset, they are able to increase efficiencies to lower costs and enhance the value of their clients' properties.


The use of technology keeps ATCO ahead of the curve. Using the latest property management software enables tenants to track their requests in real time, creating a better overall experience for the tenant and increased efficiency.


ATCO has developed a special niche by offering property management services to receivers in New York State. The company is approved as property managers to receivers under Part 36, and their successful track record reflects this expertise.