"We evaluate potential partners as carefully as they evaluate us, because the only thing worse in real estate than a bad location is a bad partner. We designed our primary investment vehicle, which is a GP fund, carefully after listening to numerous family offices talk about their priorities. This GP fund’s committed capital allows us to close quickly and confidently, and then secure deal-by-deal LP capital for the transaction."

Neil Adamson, Senior Vice President,
Finance & Acquisitions

ATCO has more than nine decades of experience investing in real estate. As a principal investor and general partner, we have invested over multiple economic and property market cycles, through capital market downturn and improvement, consistently evolving, deepening wisdom, and strengthening skills. 

After a generation of investing for our own account, ATCO decided in 2011 to invite other family offices to invest alongside us. Broadening our capital base allows us to deliver value and return to ourselves and our partners, as well as to deploy our staff efficiently.

Our first committed capital vehicle, ATCO City Center Real Estate (“ACCRE”) Sponsor Capital Fund, had its final closing in December, 2015. This pool of capital, designed for family offices from the US and abroad, is investing as the general partner in each transaction we undertake, including five transactions to date.

ATCO’s investment focus is on retail, office, and mixed-use properties in the downtowns of America’s best secondary markets. Cities such as Austin, Nashville, Charlotte, and Indianapolis are the beneficiaries of a demographic shift that is allowing businesses to locate in places that offer cheaper costs and great quality of life. The downtowns of those cities have a resilience that is different from the suburbs, in that the universities, state governments, and tourist attractions in the CBDs will be demand-drivers even when times are tough. We will also invest in New York and other gateway markets if we believe that the fundamentals support the deal’s pricing. ATCO invites co-investment as a limited partner in these transactions.

ATCO is a differentiated investment manager.

  • We have a track record of over 90 years as a family-owned, fair, and honorable business, and have operated real estate throughout that time.
  • We have a focused investment strategy that applies this long operating history to a specific opportunity.
  • We understand that real estate is not a financial asset or a fungible commodity, and instead treat each asset as its own operating business that requires the careful management and attention that a private equity investor gives to a portfolio company.
  • Although we are providing emerging manager economics to our family office partners, our investment strategy is backed by a fifty-person company.
  • We are making substantial investments alongside our partners.